East Gippsland

Responsive Website


About the client

East Gippsland is one of the main tourist destinations in Victoria, Australia. Its beautiful landscapes makes it a popular weekend getaway for people in Melbourne and surroundings.

The challenge

Coming up with a complete new information architecture combined with a responsive solution to cater for users who visit the website on their mobile devices. A new and more modern look and feel and a simple and intuitive navigation.

My role

On this project I was responsible for:

  • User research
  • Content strategy
  • Functionality model & sitemap
  • Wireframes (clickable prototype)
  • Design concepts
  • Design rollout

Defining the user

To be able to improve the site we had to find out a few things about the actual end users first. What information were they looking for and which devices did they use to access the site?


Data from Google Analytics revealed an urgent need for a mobile specific site: stats showed a 370% increase of visits on mobile devices within the past year. This meant a responsive solution was the right way to go.

Planning the architecture

The stats also showed that users were most interested in finding activities and accommodation. With this in mind we restructured the content accordingly. Creating a functionality model that shows what content would go on which page provided us with a planning tool that we could always refer to in the next project stages.

Creating a clickable prototype

Using the website content from our functionality model we created first page layouts (wireframes). A clickable prototype showed how the site would work across different devices.


A limited number of page templates ensured a speedy development later on. Break points on the desktop version indicated how the website would respond to small screen sizes.

Finding the right look & feel

We were aiming for a clean and modern yet friendly appearance.  


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