About the client

The client of this project was one of Melbourne’s best known photographers, Matt Irwin.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

The challenge

Create a completely new website while using parts of the old website contents. Merge these with new content and new functionality. Because of budget reasons the website is not supposed to be responsive but should have a separate mobile solution.

My role

Within this project I was responsible for:

+ Personas and user flows for each of their most urgent goals. This showed how people would use the most important functionality (buying prints, buying other products, hiring Matt) on the website.

+ Sitemap and functionality map (Information Architecture).

+ Wireframe sketches (desktop and mobile) and transferring the results over into Axure.

+ Clickable wireframe prototype in Axure.

+ Working on the design with one other person (I was responsible for creating a mini-styleguide for the client while my project partner came up with the design concept).


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